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Feeling like taking an extensive break in the Old Continent? Thalys high-speed trains could take you between France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany with style and comfort at speeds of up to 300 km/hr.

A vast array of destinations

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Amsterdam - © Dennis van de Water

Thalys high-speed train, owned partly by the French, Belgian and German railways, currently runs up to 11 times daily between Paris, Brussels, Cologne, and Amsterdam, with some stops along the way.
Since the 29th of August 2011, the service train from and to Germany has even been extended to Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Essen.
And if it was not interesting enough, some Thalys trains are also now connecting Brussels to Brussels National Airport.

The snow lovers will be happy to learn that some Thalys trains are running from Brussels-Midi or Antwerp Central to the ski resorts in Chambéry, Albertville, Moutiers, Aime-la-Plagne, Landry and Bourg-St-Maurice, every Saturday without any stops from the end of December till mid-April.

An amazing experience

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© Thalys

As a Thalys client, you will be able to book a ticket up to 90 days in advance.
Check-in procedures are very easy when it comes to Thalys trains. There are no check-in before boarding a Thalys train and ticket control and passport checks will occur onboard the train. Also worth remembering that children less than 12 years old travelling alone are not accepted on board Thalys trains.

Once on-board, you can have access to two different types of carriages :
Comfort 1 will offer you to relax in large seats and use some extra space to read the free international newspapers available onboard Thalys.
If opting for Comfort 2, you will enjoy a wide selection of dishes offered by the ThalysBar, located in carriages 4,14 and 24. You can also buy your tickets for public transport for the Netherlands, Brussels and Paris.

Want to make the most of your journey time? Thalys is offering you on all its trains an internet connection to surf the web, watch the videos or even work. Free of charge in 1st class and 2nd class for holders of a semi-flexible ticket.

Fares and Passes

By travelling on Thalys you will be able to get access to the best value fares, branded “No-Flex”. Bookable 30 days in advance before departure, these fares are sold in very limited quantities. So no time to waste and get prepared !
These tickets are available in 1st class and 2nd class and you can’t refund or exchange them.

If you have a bigger budget to dedicate to your trip, you also might want to try the so-called ‘Hi-Life’ fares. They offer the maximum flexibility and are available in both classes.

By travelling on Thalys, you are also allowed to get a “Any Belgian Station” fare that will enable you to benefit from a special price for your journey in Belgium, in continuation (or just before) your Thalys trip. Also good to keep in mind that your Thalys ticket will be valid for 1 journey between any of the stations on the national Belgian network and one of the following stations: Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid, Antwerpen Berchem/Antwerpen Centraal or Liège-Guillemins.