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Easy Booking and simple boarding

There is no check in or customs when you choose to travel on board Italo trains. You don’t lose valuable time to reach the train station 2 hours prior to departure. Just make sure to reach the train station a few minutes early if you are unfamiliar with the premises and to have sufficient time to board the train.

Relaxing on-board

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Smart Class - © Mario Ermoli

Categorized as first class, you will be able to choose between the Club and Prima class. The Smart class is categorized as second class. Some of the best features of the respective class of services are described below.

The video screens in Club Class means that you will be able to enjoy a movie during your trip. Club Class ticket holders can enjoy a relaxing moment in the Italo lounge at certain railway stations before boarding the train.

Enjoy a welcome drink if you are a Prima Class ticket holder. ON board you will also benefit from the power sockets, reclining seats and Wi-Fi internet connection. Few of the things that are bound to make your journey more pleasant.

Travelling in Smart Class, means that you will have a comfortable seat and power sockets to plug in your laptop. Throughout the journey snacks and drinks will be available for purchase.

For a full comparison of the services provided in each respective class of service, please check the Classes and facilities offered by Italo.