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Want to optimize your travel journey in Europe? Eurail Regional Passes (Eurorail) will offer you this opportunity with a larger regional angle. These passes are available only for non-European residents.

Planning you trip

Eurail Regional Passes combine two bordering countries for a unique travel experience and offer the flexibility of selecting the specific number of days you want to travel during a two-month period.

Want to discover the most valuable French landmarks and the Italian wines and museums? Then you should go for a France - Italy Pass and visit Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nice but also Rome and Milan by rail.

A Benelux - Germany Pass will entitle you to visit not two but four countries as Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg count as one Eurail country.
But, if you’d like to travel through France and Benelux, the Eurail Benelux - France Pass will give you endless rail travel within the countries involved in the pass and benefit from the major landmarks of this European region.

Just bear in mind that for high-speed trains like Thalys and TGV you need to make seat reservations. The numbers of seats on the Thalys allocated to Eurail travellers are also limited.

Fancy going north? Not a problem again. The Eurail Denmark - Sweden Pass will entitle you to unlimited train travel between these two countries where you can enjoy exploring or revisiting cities like Stockholm, Goteborg and Copenhagen. This Pass is available for 4 up to and including 10 days within a 2-month period.
And if you want to carry on visiting this European region, bear in mind that Finland – Sweden Pass or Norway - Sweden Pass are also available for you to buy.

Austria seems also to be a good starting point for a European trip: for example, you could travel to Austria, Croatia and Slovenia by train in any order you like by buying a Eurail Austria - Croatia/Slovenia Pass, which validity ranges from 4 up to 10 days.
With a Eurail Austria-Czech Republic Pass, you can also pay a visit to Prague and Vienna. Not to mention the rest of Mozart’s country or Pilzen, the home of the Pilsner beer. Austria - Germany but also Austria - Hungary and Austria - Switzerland are other Pass options offered by the Eurail network. Nice to be able to visit Budapest, or Geneva after rediscovering the beauty of Vienna…

A comprehensive network

21 Eurail regional passes are available for you to visit Europe. It is also worth remembering that your Eurail pass is valid both on domestic and international trains, so you can travel both within and between the countries in which your pass is valid. But if you cross the border of a country where your pass is not valid, you have to buy an additional ticket.

Just remember that you can make a seat reservation using the booking form on this website.


You can select your regional destination from those listed here:

Austria-Croatia/Slovenia Denmark-Germany Germany-Poland
Austria-Germany Denmark-Sweden Germany-Switzerland
Austria-Hungary Finland-Sweden Greece-Italy
Austria-Switzerland France-Germany Hungary-Romania
Benelux*-Germany France-Italy Italy-Spain
Benelux*-France France-Spain Norway-Sweden
Czech Republic-Germany France-Switzerland Portugal-Spain

* Considered as being one country:
Benelux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg)
Scandinavia (Denmark-Finland-Norway-Sweden)