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Home to the red fortress

Granada, one of the jewel of Andalusia!

At the foot of the majestuous Sierra Nevada mountains, come to the sunny Andalusia and discover the worl-famous Granada. Fit in the crowd of its 237.000 inhabitants, and experience the bustling and lively atmosphere of this so beautiful southern city of Spain.

About Spain

Granada ! If the city is worldwide known that is above all thanks to its UNESCO-listed Alhambra palace. The first mentions of this palace date back to the 9th century and it is worth the visit in many respects.

Nearby, wow seeing the residence of the sultan. Beyond the Alhambra, stroll around the old city centre which is divided into 4 parts, for the 4 religions (christian, muslim, jewish, gypsy). See the gothic and renaissance style cathedral. If you like sciences head the Science’s Park, the most visited museum of the region.

Then explore the Cartuja’s monastery, a baroque style building housing a great paintings collection.

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