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Getting there You can get to Prague from Munich, Zurich and Vienna. Best price and travel duration below.

From Amsterdam 14:16 NZ$86
From Frankfurt 09:27 NZ$51
From Berlin 04:27 NZ$68
From Munich 05:42 NZ$51
From Zurich 14:49 NZ$51
From Vienna 04:31 NZ$51
From Budapest 06:56 NZ$162
From Basel 13:08 NZ$51
From Cologne 10:49 NZ$51
From Hamburg 06:49 NZ$240
From Krakow 08:40 NZ$139
From Dusseldorf 11:15 NZ$51
From Dresden 02:21 NZ$63
From Warsaw 07:59 NZ$183
From Heidelberg 10:58 NZ$121
From Bratislava 04:11 NZ$101
From Freiburg 12:23 NZ$51
From Mannheim 10:22 NZ$51
From Karlsruhe 11:17 NZ$51
From Linz 04:56 NZ$84
From Utrecht 13:48 NZ$51
From Odense 12:49 NZ$258
From Bad Schandau 01:49 NZ$44
From Kutna Hora Hlavni 01:31 NZ$43
From Arnhem 13:10 NZ$51
From Marianske L 02:15 NZ$47
From Offenburg 11:51 NZ$51
From Duisburg 11:31 NZ$156
From Cheb 02:33
From Hranice Na Morave 02:53 NZ$86
From Wiener Neustadt 05:17 NZ$156
From Regensburg 04:09 NZ$93
From Leipzig 03:26 NZ$70
From Breclav 03:16
From Kolding 10:14 NZ$143
From Prerov 02:51 NZ$69
From Bohumin 03:16 NZ$106
From Wuppertal 10:03 NZ$86
From Kosice 08:26 NZ$184
From Brno 02:42 NZ$64
From Pardubice 00:59 NZ$28
From Furth I Wald 02:52 NZ$47

Getting around From Prague, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Dresden 02:16 NZ$51
To Bad Schandau 02:39 NZ$44
To Marianske L 02:51 NZ$47
To Pardubice 02:51 NZ$44
To Hranice Na Morave 02:53 NZ$86
To Furth I Wald 02:57 NZ$47
To Brno 03:26 NZ$64
To Prerov 04:36 NZ$69
To Berlin 04:46 NZ$143
To Zebrzydowice 05:22 NZ$93
To Cesky Krumlov 05:23 NZ$54
To Leipzig 05:31 NZ$70
To Bohumin 05:58 NZ$91
To Zilina. 06:17 NZ$124
To Bratislava 06:32 NZ$101
To Landshut 06:32
To Vienna 06:32 NZ$116
To Hamburg 07:04 NZ$240
To Puchov 07:59 NZ$114
To Breclav 08:27
To Budapest 09:17 NZ$146
To Frankfurt 09:30 NZ$51
To Mannheim 10:14 NZ$86
To Dortmund 10:18 NZ$86
To Krakow 10:21 NZ$123
To Heidelberg 10:29 NZ$51
To Villach 10:36 NZ$181
To Wuppertal 11:09 NZ$51
To Karlsruhe 11:11 NZ$51
To Cologne 11:45 NZ$86
To Offenburg 11:51 NZ$51
To Poprad Tatry 12:21 NZ$144
To Dusseldorf 12:25 NZ$51
To Freiburg 12:36 NZ$51
To Duisburg 12:41 NZ$86
To Kolding 13:03 NZ$143
To Basel 13:25 NZ$51
To Kosice 13:41 NZ$184
To Arnhem 14:17 NZ$51
To Ljubljana 14:23 NZ$181
To Zurich 14:48 NZ$51
To Utrecht 15:03 NZ$86
To Amsterdam 15:34 NZ$51
To Moscow 33:29 NZ$320

While you're there

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic

Prague is the most important city and the capital of Czech Republic. The city has a mysterious feel where the past is mixed with modernity. Prague has been host to several artists and important personalities such as Arcimboldo, Mozart, Copernicus, Galileo, and Tycho de Brahe. A walk in the city will allow you to feel the magic of its past. Discover the city’s monuments, museums, galleries and other landmarks. For fabulous views over Prague, climb up to the monk’s vineyards near the fabulous St Vitus Cathedral. While here visit the unique Toy Museum and you’ll see the relics and playthings which previous generations enjoyed.

Coming by train to Prague means that you will get off at the Prague railway station (Praha hlavní nádraží‎). From there you can go to the Wenceslaus Square (Václavské náměstí) and have a look at the National Museum Building along with the the memorial of Jan Palach, a student who became a martyr to protest against the human rights restrictions during the communist regime. Continue to the historic centre to see a unique set of monuments and landmarks. Strolling along the Royal Way (Královská cesta), you will arrive to the Powder Tower (Prašná brána), which was used as a gunpowder storage space in the 17th century. On the Celetná Street, you will find the House of the Black Madonna (Dům u Černé matky Boží) which is now a small museum of cubism.

Traditional Czech dumplings and meat at good prices are easy to find – try wild boar with gingerbread dumplings. The Propaganda bar on Michalská 12 is a 500sq metre cave filled with over 200 original socialist-realist artefacts, yummy food and a great selection of international beers.

Tread the Czech capital’s cobbled ground and you’ll find art galleries, ceramics and shops selling all varieties of absinth – a local speciality. You’ll find souvenirs amongst the famed statues on the Charles Bridge and if not, the Nový Smíchov Shopping Centre has over 150 different outlets.

Prague Tourist Information
Arbesovo nám. 4, 150 00 Praha
Tel: +420 221 714 444

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Prague can be found.

Prague railway station(s)

Praha Hlavní Nádraží Train Station

Praha Hlavní Nádraží Train Station

Address: Wilsonova 120 00 Prague

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 6am to 12am

Trains operating in and from this station:
City Night Line (CNL), Regional trains, Eurocity, EuroNight
Rail agents, Facilities for disabled persons, and Public Phone cabins.

Learn more

Praha Holesovice

Address: Na šachtě 1337/4 170 00 Prague

Praha Smichov

Address: Nádražní 1 150 00 Prague


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    The train is on time, easy to locate. All trains are new and clean, except the one from prague to CK which is very crowded, hot and a bit dirty. Overall I enjoy traveling with the train pass which is very convenient and easy for budgeting. I will definitely consider buying train pass again in my next trip.  
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    Very nice journey, felt safe and comfortable.  
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    This train was very first experience in sleeper cars. A little concerned that I got woken up when someone else got on in the middle of the night, but I guess that cannot be avoided. The train attendant that was there when I got on was wonderful, but the older gentleman that came on for the day was gumpy, unhelpful, and put me off at the wrong station  
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    Good seating, free tea and coffee - good staff.  
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    The trip was ok, the only thing that you should improve is that you didn't give me a complete schedule of the train stops, my german is so bad, and i had to change train and it was hard to know what train, what plattform and that stuff.  
    The train, staff and service was excellent. We all had a very nice time for the 14 hours that we spent during the journey on CNL.