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Beauvais, easy to reach by train, nice to visit

Beauvais is a 55 000 inhabitants city situated in the North of Paris. Not far from amazing city like the french capital (some 80 km), Rouen or Amiens, you can easily go to Beauvais by train, and enjoy this convenient location.

About France

If you like religious architecture, you will be so pleased to visit Beauvais. Its St Peter cathedral houses the highest gothic choir in the world ! Incredible witness of the 13th century architecture, its belltower collapsed after a celebration, in 1573.

It also houses an astronomical clock dating back to the 19th century. This clock is 12 meters high and presents a little automaton show at different hours of the day. Nearby, set up on the gallo-roman ramparts, discover the National gallery of the tapestry, where you can see interesting collections.

Do not miss either the St Etienne church, a beautiful building offering a romanesque nave and a gothic choir.

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