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Basel, the Swiss capital of art and culture

About Switzerland

Getting there You can get to Basel from Frankfurt, Berlin and Brussels. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:07 NZ$121
From Amsterdam 06:43 NZ$51
From Milan 04:04 NZ$56
From Frankfurt 02:54 NZ$109
From Berlin 07:25 NZ$51
From Brussels 06:33 NZ$176
From Munich 06:49 NZ$93
From Zurich 00:53 NZ$42
From Prague 13:15 NZ$51
From Geneva 02:35 NZ$112
From Lyon 03:33 NZ$53
From Interlaken 01:54 NZ$77
From Marseille 05:18 NZ$91
From Lucerne 01:01 NZ$42
From Cologne 03:52 NZ$51
From Copenhagen 15:44 NZ$51
From Bern 00:55 NZ$51
From Dijon 01:33 NZ$44
From Luxembourg 03:27 NZ$40
From Hamburg 06:30 NZ$51
From Dusseldorf 04:13 NZ$47
From Lausanne 02:08 NZ$98
From Dresden 08:32 NZ$51
From Strasbourg 01:18 NZ$16
From Freiburg 00:40 NZ$44
From Hanover 05:13 NZ$51
From Mannheim 02:09 NZ$114
From Bonn 04:21 NZ$170
From Mulhouse 00:21 NZ$16
From Karlsruhe 01:44 NZ$93
From Utrecht 09:47 NZ$51
From Stresa 03:08 NZ$56
From Bellinzona 03:19 NZ$100
From Dortmund 05:10 NZ$258
From Namur 05:26 NZ$16
From Arnhem 05:40 NZ$277
From Leipzig 09:19 NZ$86
From Thionville 03:06 NZ$16
From Kassel 04:16 NZ$213
From Lugano 03:43 NZ$126
From Koblenz 03:47 NZ$160
From Fulda 04:13 NZ$163
From Siegburg 03:36 NZ$227
From Landquart 02:09 NZ$79
From Sursee 00:54 NZ$33
From Grenchen 00:53 NZ$21
From Selestat 00:57 NZ$16
From Offenburg 01:13 NZ$67
From Neuchatel (loc) 01:26 NZ$65
From Thun 01:25 NZ$65
From Colmar 00:45 NZ$16
From Brugg 00:42 NZ$26
From Olten 00:24 NZ$21
From Rheinfelden 00:13 NZ$9
From Frick 00:27 NZ$18
From Delemont 00:30 NZ$21
From Zofingen 00:41 NZ$25
From Baden Baden 01:28 NZ$95
From Spiez 01:35 NZ$70
From Brig 02:09 NZ$121
From Bruchsal 02:07 NZ$60
From Liestal 00:09 NZ$7
From Chur 02:19 NZ$84
From Metz 02:45 NZ$16
From Nyon 02:26 NZ$107
From Nancy 02:54 NZ$70
From Visp 02:01 NZ$121
From Yverdon 01:46 NZ$76
From Arth Goldau 01:41 NZ$58
From Saverne 01:52 NZ$51
From Schwyz 01:57 NZ$60
From Brunnen 02:01 NZ$65
From Sargans 01:59 NZ$77
From Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 00:43 NZ$21

Getting around From Basel, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Liestal 00:16 NZ$7
To Rheinfelden 00:18 NZ$9
To Mulhouse 00:32 NZ$16
To Olten 00:39 NZ$21
To Freiburg 00:45 NZ$44
To Frick 00:46 NZ$18
To Delemont 00:46 NZ$21
To Lucerne 01:01 NZ$42
To Zurich 01:05 NZ$42
To Bern 01:14 NZ$51
To Brugg 01:27 NZ$26
To Thun 01:28 NZ$65
To Neuchatel (loc) 01:32 NZ$65
To Spiez 01:38 NZ$70
To Arth Goldau 01:40 NZ$58
To Zofingen 01:41 NZ$25
To Bad Krozingen 01:44 NZ$23
To Baden Baden 01:54 NZ$95
To Sargans 01:59 NZ$77
To Visp 02:00 NZ$105
To Sursee 02:00 NZ$33
To Bad Sackingen 02:08 NZ$21
To Schwyz 02:08 NZ$60
To Lausanne 02:12 NZ$98
To Grenchen 02:15 NZ$21
To Zug 02:19 NZ$56
To Biel 02:25 NZ$46
To Landquart 02:25 NZ$79
To Brig 02:30 NZ$105
To Bruchsal 02:30 NZ$125
To Geneva 02:43 NZ$112
To Strasbourg 02:51 NZ$16
To Interlaken 02:57 NZ$77
To Stresa 03:07 NZ$56
To Domodossola 03:08 NZ$56
To Dijon 03:19 NZ$44
To Colmar 03:26 NZ$16
To Morges 03:30 NZ$83
To Offenburg 03:31 NZ$42
To Besançon 03:37 NZ$32
To St Gallen 03:38 NZ$74
To Selestat 03:42 NZ$16
To Lugano 03:43 NZ$126
To Nyon 03:44 NZ$107
To Montreux 03:47 NZ$107
To Bellinzona 03:49 NZ$100
To Milan 04:04 NZ$158
To Chur 04:10 NZ$84
To Goeppingen 04:11 NZ$137
To Saverne 04:24 NZ$16
To Karlsruhe 04:25 NZ$74
To Fulda 04:43 NZ$163
To Paris 04:47 NZ$86
To Nancy 04:55 NZ$70
To Metz 05:13 NZ$16
To Stuttgart 05:16 NZ$118
To Thionville 05:19 NZ$16
To Mannheim 05:19 NZ$130
To Kassel 05:22 NZ$213
To Lyon 05:30 NZ$70
To Luxembourg 05:42 NZ$40
To Frankfurt 05:53 NZ$130
To Engelberg 05:54 NZ$60
To St Moritz 05:57 NZ$121
To Ilanz 06:13 NZ$98
To Koblenz 06:33 NZ$176
To Brussels 06:35 NZ$176
To Dusseldorf 07:18 NZ$209
To Cologne 07:22 NZ$130
To Venice 07:39 NZ$223
To Munich 07:49 NZ$137
To Mainz 08:33 NZ$130
To Hanover 09:12 NZ$253
To Leipzig 09:23 NZ$51
To Nuremberg 09:46 NZ$186
To Berlin 10:06 NZ$51
To Utrecht 10:15 NZ$51
To Dortmund 10:35 NZ$258
To Hamburg 10:38 NZ$51
To Amsterdam 10:43 NZ$51
To Vienna 11:00 NZ$198
To Marseille 11:53 NZ$97
To Prague 13:18 NZ$51
To Dresden 13:46 NZ$51
To Copenhagen 16:28 NZ$51

While you're there

Basel, the cultural capital of Switzerland

You have 4 days only? You want to visit more than one country? Basel is the name that should be on your list of towns to set camp. Perfect to visit France and Germany, from this city which is known as the Swiss capital of art and culture. There are about 40 museums, classical patrician houses and medieval churches side by side with modern buildings designed by major international architects such as Herzog & de Meuron or Renzo Piano. Top off your city tour at the Kunstmuseum Basel, known for its oldest public art collection of the world. Basel is the third most populous city of Siwtzerland.

Known as the cultural capital of Switzerland, Basel has plenty to do if you’re that way inclined. The Doll’s House Museum on Barfüsserplatz is a high spot, as is the Franz Mäder Galerie which focuses entirely on Switzerland’s contemporary art. Discover the best of Basel by walking around the pedestrian-friendly sloped and narrow streets. Quench your thirst with the cleanest and healthiest water in the world from the outdoor fountains; it flows directly from glaciers in the Alps.

The landmarks around the Basel region are Augusta Raurica, Switzerland’s largest archaeological open-air museum and the charming town of Rheinfelden, known as a health and wellness destination. With the excellent public transport connection, the internationally renowned Vitra Design Museum, in the German city of Weil am Rhein, can be reached in a question of minutes.

To take the toll to three countries, you got to head to the French town of Colmar and experience the country-town atmosphere of the most Alsatian town in Alsace! Take a barque to discover the lovely and authentic scenery of this town located between the Vosges and the Rhine River.

Did you know that a Swiss Pass allows you to take all public transportation in Switzerland, as much as you want. Even better, the Swiss Pass will get you discounts to visit museums or when taking mountain top excursions.

The Barfuesserplatz is one of the best places to eat in Basel. Foreign cuisine is popular here; try the French L’Escargot near the Basel SBB train station and the Japanese Sakura restaurant inside the building.

The medley of sophisticated shops in Basel is sure to keep you occupied. Flit between established designers, up and coming fashions and high street favourites along the discerning streets. Seize the opportunity to buy a Swiss Rolex or Victorinox knife in Freie Strasse.

Basel Tourism
Stadt-Casino, Barfusserplatz Steinenberg, 14 CH 4010 Basel
Tel: +41 (0)6 12 68 68 68

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Basel can be found.

Basel railway station(s)

Basel Bad Bf Train Station

Basel Bad Bf Train Station

Address: Schwarzwaldallee 200 CH-4016 Basel

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 6:30am to 8:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 5pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (ICE), Regional trains
Facilities for disabled persons, Toilets and Phone cabins.

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Basel SBB Train Station

Basel SBB Train Station

Address: Centralbahnplatz 4002 Basel

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8am to 7pm
Saturday: 8am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am to 6pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains, Regional trains
Tourist Information Point, Facilities for disabled persons, Lost and found, Bank & Currency exchange, Toilets, Luggage storage, Bicycle rental, Wi-Fi Internet and Phone cabins.

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  • "Good trip with no problems."    
    The price was acceptable. The seat was comfortable. The baggage area was almost filled and the train was booked a little over half capacity. The train operators were polite. The windows were a little dirty, needed wiping. Announcements in English was appreciated. Good overall trip.  
  • "Great way to travel"    
    Efficient, comfortable, fast. More comfortable than airline trip to Europe. Good service, good value for the Money  
  • "Railing to Pairs"    
    I've travel on nicer TGV's , but it did the trick after a little confuse about getting to the right location to load. We got to the train station 1 1/2 early. Found out they post platform location 45 min. before train time. also seat numbers are located on the arm rest. It was a very good and convenience was great - the ride was on time 3 hours 5 min. would do it again.  
  • "Paris to Nice"    
    Good connectivity. Comfortable journey  
  • "Nice"    
    It was nice experience  
  • "Comfortable"    
    Train was clean and comfortable  
  • "Dream Trip"    
    First of all let me thank and my congratulaion to Euro rail management for providing very comfortable trip to my family .It was nice experience. My hates off to your punctuality and cleanliness .  
  • "Online ticket"    
    Hello! A great experience i had overall but an online ticket might be made available instead of ticket that need to be send to customer with charges. Thank you!  
  • "Good service"    
    I was transit in Basel SBB for TGV train lead to Paris, It was my good choice to enjoyed the train from Luzern to Basel.  
  • "Europe Vacation"    
    We used the railway from Frankfurt to Basel and then from Basel to Paris. What an excellent and stress-free to move in and around Europe. Highly recommend this way to travel.  
  • "No meal?"    
    I was supposed to be offered a meal in first class, but it didn't materialize. The ride was fine, and the price was good (I bought in advance)  
  • "Excellent experience!"    
    Our travel on TGV Lyria from Basel to Paris was s beautiful experience. It's fast, and with its wide seats, an extremely comfortable way to travel.  
  • "swiss is best"    
    swiss trains are best in all respect and convenience and comfort. But they are expensive too.  
  • "Paris-Basel TGV Lyria 13Jun15"    
    Was a great experience.  
  • "A comfortable trip"    
    Recently travelled by TGV Lyria from Paris to Basel and the trip was very comfortable and convenient. It was bit expensive though but I wouldnt mind doing it again :) maybe the fares could be revised a little bit to make the customers more happy  
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